'Twas Merdeka Eve

10 hours ago most Malaysians were busy preparing for the celebration of Malaysia's 50th Independece, our Golden Jubilee Independence that our forefathers have worked so hard to achieve.

Notice in the previous sentence I mentioned 'MOST', which meant there are some who did not share this joy of celebrating, and unfortunately I belong in this category. Now, I am not unpatriotic, and I don't mean to say I'm patriotic too. I just belong on the fence, but with body leaning slightly on the patriotic side.

No offence, but raising a flag at your home or sticking hundreds of flags on your car does show your patriotism, but how sure are we that those people aren't hypocrites?
True patriotism is from the heart, and when it's time to do something for our country we do not hesitate.

Crap, I'm touching politics here. Truth is, I DESPISE politics.

As I was saying, 10 hours ago most Malaysians were busy celebrating and anticipating for the clock to strike 12. Sadly, I was at home playing PS2.

It's sad, as all my family were out except me; I was lazy to drive, there were too many cars on the road, and I was a bit feverish (yeah, right). Sigh... But when the clock struck 12, I was at my lawn watching fireworks and shouted 'Merdeka' thrice, much to the astonishment of my neighbours and passing on-lookers. And after noticing the unwanted attention I rushed into the house to continue 'Def Jam : Fight for NY'.

'Twas Merdeka Eve.


Kavi said...

hhmmmmm... u were playing PS2 huh?! Better than me. I was in the crapper the whole time. Bad food, I guess....

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