15 dumb things to say to a girl

Contrary to popular belief, I did not totally hand my blog over to Shiori. She, as a co-author fulfilled her duties by posting whenever she had ideas, ensuring that this blog wouldn't wither when I was on a 'spirit journey' to find my blogger-self. Lol.

Jokes aside, I'm sure that at some point of the average male's life they are bound to utter something dumb to the opposite sex; being a pick-up line, explaining or just a sudden blurt due to poor control of the nerve system.

I have compiled a list of the dumbest things ever said to a girl, coined by yours truly and a few of his buddies.  The old crowd was naturally surprised when I asked them this question, but it didn't take them long to recall, though.   

  1. "Good morning, how was your day?" - Wizard

  2. "So what's your worst one? Coz I never had one (menstruation)" - MY

  3. "I got you a RM70 pair of shoes, and you gave me a tie bought from the RM10 shop?" - Kav

  4. "Women are from Mars, and men are from their mothers" - anonymous

  5. "I never liked flowers, so that's why I didn't get you any, hunn. I can't be giving someone I love something I hate, right?" - dante

  6. "Babe, you're like M&Ms, you can only melt in my mouth; never in my hands" - Nic

  7. "I'd love to chat, but I automatically shutdown after 12 am" - anonymous

  8. "Did you gain weight? I noticed those hips have increased exponentially in size" - qai

  9. "Kick me" - YY

  10. "Is it hot in here, or did I just go supernova?" - MY

  11. "Me and her? We're strictly platonic. She's just a friend. Except she warmed up to me a couple of times" - dante

  12. "Think of the starving children in Africa, you shouldn't be wasting food. After all, skipping 1/2 plate of rice won't help you to get thin. The key factor; exercise!" - Jack "Nerves of steel" son 

  13. "Hey gorgeous, could you give me your number? Coz I lost mine. I promise I'll return the favor after I find it" - anonymous

  14. "Momma told me life was like a box of choc-lates; you never know what you gonna get" - Forrest Gump

  15. "The world's toughest tongue-twister; is I love you. I've never gotten it right before, ever" - vince 

Disclaimer : This catalogue is purely for satyr purpose, if any of the female readers should feel offended then my amigos and I would like to apologize as we don't mean it. After all, we already got what we deserved from the girls who received this first-hand from our mouths.