Celebrities Say the Dumbest things

It's clear that celebrities are human, they make mistakes and sometimes; they say things that don't make sense at all.

i. Paris Hilton

Narrative : Ahh yes... the glamorous heir to the Hilton empire; though obviously for the wrong reasons.
Quoted :
"I don't really think, I just walk."

dante's reaction : Come on, Paris; you NEVER think.

ii. Arnold Schwarzenneger

Narrative : Nickname, 'The Governator'; one of my favorite action-superstars turned politician. Sigh.
Quoted : "I think that gay marriage is something that should be between a man and a woman."

dante's reaction : Can you actually hear yourself, Arnold? But, I'd pretend I didn't hear that if you said, 'Hasta la vista, baby' instead.

iii. Brooke Shields

Narrative : Started off as a thin model, who went on to star in 'Cheers' before becoming super-huge. And I never bothered what happened next.
Quoted : "Smoking kills, and if you're killed, you've lost a very important part of your life."

dante's reaction : Which part of 'killed' that she doesn't understand?

iv. Britney Spears

Narrative : A car-wreck, train-wreck and whatever wreck that's wrecked. I'm sorry if I offended you, Chris Crocker. But Britney IS a helluva mess. Ooopps... I did it again.
Quoted : "I've never really wanted to go to Japan. Simply because I don’t like eating fish. And I know that's very popular out there in Africa."

dante's reaction : I know that you know, Britney. Surprise me with something I don't know.

v. Sylvester Stallone

Narrative : a.k.a 'The Mumbler'; honestly, sometimes I don't understand what the hell is he talking about. One thing I know, is that John Rambo is still alive and kicking. So is Rocky Balboa.
Quoted : "The only happy artist is a dead artist, because only then you can't change. After I die, I'll probably come back as a paintbrush."

dante's reaction : Pardon me, could you please repeat that? I only heard 'dead' and 'paintbrush'.

vi. R. Kelly

Narrative : I only found out what did the 'R' stand for, it's 'Robert'. The only song worth listening from him is, 'I Believe I Can Fly', and after the 2nd time listening to that song you'll start to hate it.
Quote : "All of a sudden you're like the Bin Laden of America. Osama Bin Laden is the only one who knows what I'm going through."

dante's reaction : I'm sure he does, Robert. But he never got charged for child pornography, though.

Disclaimer note : Sources were cited from MSN Movies.


God of War III : Teaser vid


In the end, there will be only... chaos.


Some info about my blog & I

Ah yes, it's Whacky Wednesday again, and today I'll be taking a page from Kav's book. Today's post will be filled with (useless) information about my blog and myself, courtesy from Oneplusyou.com

OnePlusYou Quizzes and Widgets

As you can see, my blog here is actually safe for minors, although parental guidance may be suggested. The blog content is safe, no illicit pics, misleading words and cussing kept at its minimum-level. Dante-tested, mother approved.

How Much Do You Hate Myspace?

Honestly, I don't know why I seem to dislike myspace. 'Nuff said.

How many cannibals could your body feed?

Ah yes, even after death I'm able to contribute to the greater good. 10 cannibals ain't a small number, and I'm happy that I can accommodate their hunger. Utilitarianism rules! Viva la meat eaters!

Do you talk too much in your blog?

What can I say? I make it a point to elaborate so that people can understand the message that I'm trying to send across. (I could've wrote, 'I elaborate to make people understand better' instead of typing such a long sentence, but I guess old habits are hard to break.)

It's a shame, as I can only take on 26 five-year-olds, even though I've answered the questionnaires in the meanest way possible. Sigh.....



Please don't look at me, I'm just as confused as you are. Robbery of a disagreeable cow?!


Transformers II : Revenge of the Fallen

Last year we saw the live adaptation of one of the famous 1980s classic cartoon, Transformers. With it being directed by the capable hands of Michael Bay and comprising of an ok-cast, the movie was a success, along with the ever-welcome Peter Cullen reprising his role as Optimus Prime's voice.

Now, for those of who you are clamoring for a sequel, (just like I did), rejoice fellow friends! Transformers 2 is in the making, with the shooting beginning last May 2008.

If you don't like spoilers, there's still time to discontinue reading; but if you're a die-hard Transformers fan, just continue below.

Teaser poster

The plot: Sam Whitwicky (Shia LeBouf) has entered college, & due to some reason has become super-smart, to the point of telling his professor that there are errors in a textbook after finishing the book in 5 seconds.
There is mention of 'The Splinter', which may be a fragment of the All Spark that got
embedded into him during the 1st movie, resulting in his overnight smartypants attitude.

Also, the movie will focus on Sam's (possibly strained) relationship with Mikaela(Megan
Fox), who has failed to get into college.

The robots: Among those listed that will return;

    • Optimus Prime
    • Bumblebee
    • Ironhide
    • Ratchet
    • Starscream
    • Barricade
The new ones;
    • Soundwave (Decepticon, hurray!)
    • Jetfire (Decepticon)
    • Arcee (Autobot)
The movie is set to be released on June 26th, 2009. There are might be a few changes as the movie is still in its early production stage, so we might get to see the Dinobots or the Constructicons (keeping fingers crossed here), and there's a reason why the sequel is named as such, as a main character from the first film may be resurrected.

Which character? Go figure.

Disclaimer note: Sources were cited from Wikipedia and CinemaBlend, my greatest thanks go to both of these sites.


The 10 Whackiest Things I've Done

I had a chat with dear ole' Kav this morning, and we decided that we would come up with themed posts, like how Ammu had her Nostalgic Fridays, you know, that kind of thingy.

So I suggested that he'd do Tuesday Twists, while myself would go on making Whacky Wednesdays.

Initially he was confused what I mean with Tuesday Twists, I simply explained that he'd decipher everything that happened to him on Tuesdays in dances, e.g. 'I tango-ed my way into the office this morning, clearly in a good mood; only to find my boss getting ready to salsa me'. Hahahaha....

Unfortunately, Kav didn't share my idea of a brainwave.

Regardless, I've decided to put the theme Whacky Wednesdays into plan, so I'll be making weekly posts, which means at least I'll have four posts monthly (at least), in order to keep up with my resolution.

Below are among the 10 whackiest things I've done, actually I've done more than these, but I'll just list out the top ten crazy, brainless things that I did back when I was young..... and stupid.

i. Smoked 7 fags at one go
ii.Jumped across a railway track at the sight of an oncoming train
iii.Slam-dunked on school basketball court (my friend told me, 'break a leg, bro' and i did, literally)
iv.Played wrestling in Chemistry Lab's table, in front of my Chemistry teacher
v.Holding my bladder for 8 hours (from 12am - 8am, was too damn scared to go school's haunted toilet alone)
vi.Crossed the road while doing a wheelie on my dad's EX5
vii.Went uninvited to a stranger's party (I bagged myself a date with the host's daughter as well)
viii.Took Amanda out for a date (what was I thinking?!)
ix.Climbed a flag pole to honor a bet (hey, it involved a 100 bucks, and I was in 2ndary Two)
x.Jammed non-stop for 6 hours, the best hours of my life *tears glistening in eyes*


New Template

As you might notice, I recently changed the look of my blog,(duh!). I've been searching for ages for the right template, and I've finally found it.

I'd been wanting to replace the previous one a loooong time ago, but you know, being the big procrastinator that I was & the right template hard to come across, it wasn't the normal supermarket stroll where you just dump everything into the cart.

Alas, I happened to chance upon the apposite candidate yesterday, check out the site here. They've got templates for both Blogger and Wordpress, so if you're looking for a re-deco you might find something you like here. And did I mention that it's free? Yes, it IS free.

The new template still needs some touch-ups, as I've noticed that the loading time is kinda slow, and there are a few 'unimportant' (being tactful here) codes embedded in it, I'm currently working on that. Also, I hope that Blogger supports some client-side scripting, as I'm looking to make my site a lil' more dynamic.

Until then, please bear with the slow loading times, I promise I'll get it fixed up a.s.a.p (and add more posts); also, my new co-author will be joining very soon (hopefully), so look ahead for a new 'For Tony Redgrave, by .45 Artwarks'