in lulz we trust

As I was chatting with radiuz this afternoon, he asked me to check out an interesting site. Hell no it's not a porn site, we're gentlemen (clears throat) ; we don't talk bout this online.

The site's called Encyclopedia Dramatica, and being the procrastinater I was, I decided to check the site out even though I had loads of work to do. And after browsing the site for about an hour, my mind was in a limbo.
I didn't know what to trust, as the information at the site turned everything I believed upside down. All right, maybe that's a bit too much.

I refuse to elaborate further, maybe this pic below will 'open' your mind. Wanna know what it is? Go figure.

You can take the red pill, and try googling for the site; OR you can take the blue pill, forget everything that you've read here.

But do you want to know WHAT IS ENCYCLOPEDIA DRAMATICA? It is a question of choice.

p/s: Matrix is my favorite movie. And I'm not emo.


Lazy Days...

I have never felt so lazy in my life. The past semester's Final Year Project has drained all of my diligent behaviour. And the fact that it's my final sem makes it worse, I honestly don't feel like studying.

I don't even feel like updating my blog, well due to the fact I'm busy with my procrastination attitude, and I'm busy rushing the deadlines. Huh, 3 presentations and 2 assignments this week. And I haven't started anything yet. Crap.

And with the fact of me coming down with the flu & a bad cough makes it worse. And today's Monday, my 'favorite' day of the week.

This just keeps getting better & better.

I know, I know. What's this compared to other people's problems? 'Appreciate what you have in life', 'Be thankful what you have', bla bla bla... Truth is I don't give a rat's ass about other people's problems.

This is my blog and I have the right to complain all I want. And that's that.


10 Craziest Excuses for being late....

I was browsing today and I came across this link from MSN.com; damn they're hilarious and I thought of posting this on my blog, with regards to Rosemary Haefner.

Here are the top 10 examples of the most unusual excuses employees offered their managers for arriving late to work:

1. Someone was following me, and I drove all around town trying to lose them.
2. My dog dialed 911, and the police wanted to question me about what "really" happened.
3. My girlfriend got mad and destroyed all of my undergarments.
4. I woke up and thought I was temporarily deaf.
5. I just wasn't "feelin' it" this morning.
6. I was up all night arguing with God.
7. A raccoon stole my work shoe off my porch.
8. I super-glued my eye thinking it was contact solution.
9. I was putting lotion on my face when my finger went up my nose causing a nose bleed.
10. A prostitute climbed into my car at a stop light, and I was afraid my wife would see her and think I was messing around... so I got out of the car.


Hang Fire

I realize as the semester is drawing to its close, my workload is starting to pile up. All the assignments, reports and stuff that were given few weeks or a month back are about to reach their dateline in this few days to come, some of them even have the same due dates.

What have I been doing then? Where is the time that was allocated to me gone?

And now, I sit in front of my PC working my butt off to complete all the work. I've been so busy until I've got no time to post anything, well, except some general stuff. Soul Calibur in HD is reallly sweet.

Err... as I was saying, procrastination is really your enemy. No, let me re-phrase that.
Procrastination is MY enemy. It was my friend until the week of 22nd July, until the closing dates started closing in.

Sigh, try as I might, I love to procrastinate. I guess it's a bad habit which I really can't let go. But it really fuels me to do better.
Guess I could call it a 'double-edged sword'. I can chop somebody up with one side of the blade, but the other side too can cut yours truly.

With that heavy load off my chest, I continue to work my butt to complete and submit my work before its deadlines.


Secret Garden

As I was browsing in Borders today, I happened to chance upon something that I've been looking for eternity; 'The Ultimate Secret Garden' album.

Secret Garden is a an Irish-Norwegian duo playing New Instrumental Music, also understood by some as Neo-classical music.
It features the Irish violinist Fionnuala Sherry and the Norwegian composer/pianist Rolf Løvland (how do I pronouce this?).

Listening at night really does wonders, especially a hard day's work.

Its alleviating tranquil music literally translates the saying 'music soothes the savage beast.'

The album came with 2 CDs and so far I'm listening to the 1st CD for the 5th time, albeit some repeats on several beautiful tracks which I can't resist listening for the umpteenth time.

A few of notable tracks;

i.Song from a Secret Garden (feat. Youngok Shin)

I haven't gone into the 2nd CD yet, which features its live tracks. Maybe I'll indulge on them tonight.


Soul Calibur IV


Through the hourglass I saw you, in time you slipped away.
When the mirror crashed I called and turned to hear you say..
If only for today, I am not afraid.

Take my breath away ohhh...
Take my breath away

Soul Calibur IV in High Definition.


Viral Tags?

Intially this was introduced by mika, so out of curiosity I decided to give it a try.
What I didn't know was I just had to copy the line below, instead I copied the whole post. Sorry, mika.

Just follow the instructions below & you'll be fine.
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A cocos nucifera story

Yesterday I went to my grandma's place for lunch. After stuffing myself Gramps asked whether I was free.
I nodded and then she said, "Good. Now go do what you promised me last week."

Huh? What did I promise her last week? It then dawned upon me that on my way into the house I saw 3 fully-loaded gunny sacks. Inside those sacks were stuffed with... coconuts. Ah yes.. I had promised her the week before I'd help her open/crack/break/hack/dissect the coconuts. Right.

In my mind I was imagining I was as pro as the coconut-water seller at the stalls. 2 or 3 hacks with the parang on the coconut would do it. Easy job, there's no need to break a sweat.

So I asked for the proper utensils to get it over with. But I was shocked when Gramps handed me a rusty & chipped chopping knife instead of a sharp parang. "What happened to the parang?", I asked her. She replied, "What parang? I never had any parang."

Ok... this might take a while, I thought.

I grabbed a gunny sack and took out a green coconut. Then I must've stared at the coconut for 5 minutes before asking my grandma, "Er... Gramps, how to open ah?"

She laughed and asked me to hold the coconut in a slanting position. Then I'd to hack the skin until I could see the tempurung. After that, make a small hole on the tempurung and pour the water out.

Oh... no problem. Got it. Simple.

So I did as instructed, it was anything but easy. After an hour, I had bruised my 5 fingers and suffered a cut on my thumb, but I managed to finish... one sack.
There were 2 sacks to go.

Gramps took pity on me and asked me to call it a day. Phew, I was relieved.

After that she said, "Continue next week". Great.


Malaysia Boleh.... kena bolos

I've watched both of Malaysia's games in the Asian football Cup, and man I've gotta say Malaysia boleh!!

Get whacked, that is.

Our national team has been trashed by China 5-1, and yesterday's match with Uzbekistan saw us getting 5-0. Seems that 5 is a lucky number in the national team, I'd say. Worse, we were playing on our home ground.

Sigh.... what has happened to the quality of Malaysia's football team? Ok, quality might be a strong word here.

Malaysia's players fail to show teamwork amongst themselves and each player just wanted to run forward with the ball towards the opponent's defenders like an idiot, even though they themselves know they can't go through the defence.

The few minutes of glory and the attention of the camera is enough for the player, 'Aku nak glamer jer!, Pi mampus la ngan team!'

Best thing was, what the commentator said after the China's game, 'Nasib baik golkeeper mampu menghalang gol yang ke-6'.
So then the previous 5 goals were ok la is it?

Great. This is the kind of spirit that we need. Whatever makes you sleep at night.

Looking at them reminds me how I played football with my friends during primary school. Standard 1, that is. Every kid just wanted to kick the ball even though the goal was the opposite side.

Lousy. I wonder how many goals will our national goalie let in against Iran this coming Wednesday?


Educational Decree 120: I Must Not Tell Lies

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Joanne Kathleen Rowling's 5th book of the Harry Potter series has been adapted into a movie. So how well did the movie fare compared to the book?

Despite nasty criticsms that I heard regarding the movie, I decided to go watch for myself to see how bad, er.. I mean how good it was. So I went for a midnight show last night and I came out confused on how to actually review the movie.

The movie started with the expectation that you've read the book, but if you haven't it might take you some time to figure out what the hell is actually going on. As it progressed suddenly the director/script writer expects you to be a noob and starts to deviate as he pleases.

There was a lack of some important elements, like Quidditch, Firenze just to name a few. Since the 3rd adaptation, the importance of Quidditch has been reduced to a very insignificant level. In the recent adaptation, there wasn't even the word 'Quidditch'.

There were certain deviations, and what's the guy's name? Ah yes, Daniel Radcliffe failed to portray the intense anger that Harry was supposed to feel, even after the death of Sirius. Hagrid's dragon meat was so small and it wasn't green, Robbie Coltrane didn't even dare to slap the meat on his face.
Ginny was virtually mute in the whole movie. Sigh...

However, the actresses portraying Luna Lovegood & Dolores Jane Umbridge respectively fit perfectly in their roles. They were able to carry their roles perfectly and were virtually similar to how they were described in the book. Tonks was alright too, despite her brief appearance in the movie.

The dialogues were taken directly from the book, so if you've read the book you'd know what they were going to say and maybe that can be used as a trick to impress some girls (if they were 'Harry Potter-illiterate')

The movie expects you to read the book before actually watching it, yet it disappoints you when you've read the book and compared it with the movie. Yes, I know that it's impossible to make a movie that follows the book closely, but the 1st & 2nd adaptations were good, compared to the later adaptations.

I won't say it's a good movie, but also I won't say it's bad.

Why so?

I must not tell lies.


The SFS Incident

I still remember an incident when I was back in secondary school. This happened when I was in Form 2, in which I was attending afternoon sessions.

Early that year I broke my leg and my mother forced me to come to school using crutches. Sigh... Even when her son was injured and could've had a well-deserved rest in order to speed his recovery, my mother was firm. She didn't want me skipping classes and falling behind in my studies.

So being the rebellious guy that I was, I started eating 'kuaci' a.k.a sunflower seeds during class. I don't know who started it, but soon enough every male student in my class followed suit; well, except the geeks and the wusses. We would stock 3 to 4 packets of sunflower seeds from the 'apek' outside before classes started and would then eat during class.
I still remember the type; it was the black and white striped kuaci packed in a white & blue plastic packet.

The class that we had the real guts to eat was the Geography class. The class was so sickeningly boring & always it was after recess time, making us sleepier. In order to keep ourselves attentive during class, we'd eat kuaci.
It's not like we're sleeping, just we were doing something to make ourselves more alert and pay attention in class. It was real fun.

Alas, the fun was short-lived. The hag Geography teacher went to complain to the Afternoon Principal (AP) about our behavior during class. We didn't know what was coming the next day, and continued to stock our goods that afternoon.

The showdown came during the History class. The AP came into our class and demanded those fellas who were eating kuaci in class to stand up. All of us were shocked that we were busted.

Well, I knew this was coming, but not so soon.
So all of us stood up, except for the prefects sitting at the back; who were also as guilty but instead sat quietly in their chairs. Faggots.
When confronted they said they have to 'jaga reputation' as prefects.
In their faces I told them to F'O.

Coming back to the showdown, the AP asked all of us to line up outside; so I with my crutches and all lined up with the rest. She then asked one of my friends to go buy kuaci outside, and asked us to eat in front of her. The husk of the kuaci we were to throw on the floor and then after eating we had to pick up the husks.

We had to really eat in front of her, no faking. She asked us to eat how we normally did in class. Oh, how I hated the short AP hag.So I with my broken leg tried to bend and pick up the husks on the floor, but luckily my pal Naveen helped me to pick up the husks instead. I was really grateful to him then, as I am now.

After finishing she asked us to go back into our class. Our History teacher was surprised with us and adviced us not to do so again.

Looking back, it was funny; even though embarassing. If you'd ask me to do it again, I'd do it just to make the Geography teacher burst a vein.


5 years from now

My English lecturer once asked me, "How do you see yourself in 5 years time?"

I was stunned. Truth is, I never gave much thought about my future. I was living my life day-by-day in a routine manner, & I had no proper planning; wait, I had NO planning.

So as the day (of me becoming another rat participating in the rat race) draws closer, I'll take a peek into the crystal ball to see myself in 5 years time.

  1. I'll be married with 2.25 kids
  2. My girlfriend will turn from a caring girl into a nagging, working housewife
  3. I'll be toiling my @$$ paying house, car & study loans (OMG!)
  4. Driving a R32 Skyline (hopefully); I ain't getting a Perodua
  5. Cycling to work, cause the increase in the price of petrol
  6. Saving money to buy PS4
  7. Living a routine life & complaining everyday about it
  8. I'll still be keeping my abs, my stomach won't precede me when I walk
  9. Pondering where I'll be in the next 5 years


Robots in disguise

Anybody who was born in the 80s must know about the Transformers. Well, those who've never seen the cartoon must at least have heard of it.
But if you have NEVER SEEN/HEARD of it until recently; welcome to Earth, martian.

Transformers is about an alien cybernetic race continuing to wage a war on our planet after they've destroyed their own world, Cybertron. They're divided into 2, the good Autobots which is led by Optimus Prime & Megatron who leads the evil Decepticons.

Why the term 'Transformers'? Cause they hide in the form of cars, bulldozers, machine etc to hide their identity and transform into robots when needed.

What started out as a 2D representation on TV later evolved into a 3D adaptation, the Beast Wars, Beast Machines, etc. But there was never an on-screen adaptation of the title until recently by famous director Michael Bay.

It was released last week, but I only got to see it yesterday night cause the tickets here were almost sold out daily. I was excited when I got into the cinema & my hopes were high, I hoped it wouldn't disappoint me as what Superman Returns did.

And I wasn't disappointed.

Oh, the nostalgia. Looking at the Autobots and Decepticons in CG was really great. Especially Optimus Prime, & Starscream. The transformation, the fight scenes, the voice of the robots, the transforming sound.... the blonde girl; oh I loved it.

The story was alright, there was some mushy scenes, some comedy; Michael Bay really did a good job. Especially choosing a not so striking lead actor, Shia LeBouf (I hope I got his name right) was the correct decision so that the concentration was focused more on the robots.
Imagine if Brad Pitt or some hunk was chosen as the lead, when you ask any girl (who just came out from the cinema) who was the leader of the Autobots; they'd be screaming Brad Pitt.

But I was a bit disappointed how Megatron was finished of. It was so easy that it looked so lame. Ah, but everyone is allowed at least one mistake.

Now, if there was only Transformers 2.....


iCame iSaw iPhone

Apple has done it again. You really gotta hand it to Steve Jobs for doing a great 'job'. Sorry, couldn't resist that.
For those wondering who the hell is Steve Jobs, he's the CEO and one of Apple's founders.

The recent iPhone craze started round few months back, and its scheduled release was on the 29th June, meaning it was released somewhere 1 week ago. So out of the blue I'm trying to be a gadget freak, and at the same time Mr. Know-It-All & try to give a layman description on what and why there's such a commotion about Apple's latest gadget.

Now, what is the iPhone? As the name suggest, it's a phone (duh);  one of Apple's latest gadget fad after the recent iPod craze.

It belongs in the same category as the BlackBerry & MotorolaQ, which means it's actually a multimedia smartphone. The iPhone is a Music-player, Movie-player, Internet Browser and Phone in One.

In a nutshell;

  1. it's small & stylish
  2. touchscreen, no keypads, just the menu button
  3. built-in WiFI
  4. employs EDGE instead of 3G
  5. you can watch YouTube videos
  6. good battery life
  7. 2 MegaPixel camera, but unable to capture videos
  8. Price ranges from $500-$600, roughly about RM 2K
After looking at the pros & cons, would I consider buying it? Heck no. A phone for 2 grand? I can get loadz of stuff from the money.
Nope, I'm no hater but I ain't an idiot too.


The Hungry Man

I'm now sitting in the research lab feeling frustrated because of 2 reasons; I've got an exam this afternoon & I'm hungry.

Well, the exam doesn't bother me that much, but my hunger is killing me. Now, you'd wonder why the hell this guy is complaining? Just shut up & go grab something to chew on; and stop wasting my precious time reading this blog.

If only life was that simple. Firstly, the cafeteria food here sucks, and I've made a vow that I will never consume the food there. Secondly, I'm without transport today & my girlfriend will only come at 12.30 to fetch me for lunch.

So of course a hungry man is an angry man; especially when he has to starve while studying for his exam this afternoon in which he doesn't have a clue about.
To top it off, one of my classmates has just went out for lunch, making me even more frustrated.

Now, the hungry man is much more angrier, and because of being angrier he's also hungrier.