5 years from now

My English lecturer once asked me, "How do you see yourself in 5 years time?"

I was stunned. Truth is, I never gave much thought about my future. I was living my life day-by-day in a routine manner, & I had no proper planning; wait, I had NO planning.

So as the day (of me becoming another rat participating in the rat race) draws closer, I'll take a peek into the crystal ball to see myself in 5 years time.

  1. I'll be married with 2.25 kids
  2. My girlfriend will turn from a caring girl into a nagging, working housewife
  3. I'll be toiling my @$$ paying house, car & study loans (OMG!)
  4. Driving a R32 Skyline (hopefully); I ain't getting a Perodua
  5. Cycling to work, cause the increase in the price of petrol
  6. Saving money to buy PS4
  7. Living a routine life & complaining everyday about it
  8. I'll still be keeping my abs, my stomach won't precede me when I walk
  9. Pondering where I'll be in the next 5 years


Kavilan said...

u got abs meh? and u still taking English paper ah? aisey man.... why dont you try and emulate ur senior at least a bit? (that's meeeee)

amutha said...

Hello Hungry Man...

I ended laughing reading ur blog,man...Hahahhaa..

"5 years from now"...ESAP English class....I was there sitting jz behind of u...Pondering what i gonna b in the next forth coming years...

Yeah!!Salute to her...She really opened my mind...Then, i started to plan for my future as well....

Now, i have my own plan of living my life...Jz tat 'belum berpunya lagi'..Hahahahaha..

Its a nice blog...Interesting..Get to know ur future plan...

So, make sure Hungry Man u come with ur R32 Skyline.the next time i c u ok...

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