On Hiatus

As you all might've noticed, lately there's been no post or interesting posts on 'For Tony Redgrave' lately.

I'm suffering from a chronic case of writer's block, and lately work has been piling upwards no matter how much I seem to complete by the end o' the week. Also, my life is going through some major re-arrangements, and I'm still trying to sort it out.

This post about my hiatus should've been up from January onwards, but I find myself constantly avoiding logging into my blog account.

I thank those faithful readers that still continue to read my blog, and hopefully I'll get things sorted out a.s.a.f.p.


RE 5 New Trailer!

With RE 5's release date drawing ever so near, Capcom has decided to heat things up a little by with the new trailer entitled 'New World'.

In it features Wesker, Chris (duh~), some liquid tentacle-y thingy, Sheva, and.... a giant squid. Watching it has hardened my resolve to get a PS3, no matter how deep the hole it'll burn in my pocket.

Capcom leaves us in suspense in the last few seconds, Wesker is seen standing beside the mysterious figure in the bird mask; and according to him Chris knows the figure as well. My guess is that it might be Jill Valentine, who knows?

Enjoy the trailer below, courtesy of IGN.


A Look into 2009


2008 has come and gone, the year had it's sweet and bitter moments; and I guess I'll leave it at that. No point reminiscing and going emo about it.

I met a bunch of friends who's asked me about resolutions for the new year, to which I quickly chided; "Tell me something, do you even remember what were your 2008 resolutions?"  90% went blank after that and switched to a better topic instead, like discussing whether the girl in red opposite our table was attractive.

For me, the new year started rather slowly and a bit unpleasant; I developed an infection on my left ear, the doctor informed I was close to getting meningitis and for the subsequent 6 weeks I will be on medication.  Talk about a good start.  

That aside, here's a glance on what I plan to do for the remaining 358 days.

Being the 'smart worker' I am, I've taken the trouble to study this year's public holidays, & found that most of the holidays fall on Friday; which is a good thing. At least that's something to look forward to for the year ahead. 

Social-wise, I've been asked by Danielle to teach guitar during weekends, I told her I'd think about it, as another friend of mine wanted me to help him out in some volunteer work. I haven't given much thought about this as I need to balance out my job schedule first. As for relationships, some things didn't quite work out as expected, I've decided to keep my current status as it is for the year.  

As for the blog in 2009, I plan to get a few more co-authors, change the layout maybe 3-4 months once, something like that. I've given shiori an undefined leave of absence, she just got promoted and is currently busy with new responsibilities, plus trying to figure out ways adjusting to her new armchair.   

On that note, I feel it's time to keep the crystal ball and live life to the fullest for the year. Albeit a lil' late, I'd like to wish all the readers a pleasant 2009 ahead. 


Sleepy in Penang

The time is now 1.03 am, and I'm now sitting in front of my office workstation waiting for the god-damn stock tags to finish printing. The stock tags are to be used tomorrow, well considering the time, today actually; for the year-end inventory cycle count, thus the last minute nut-job.

Hell no, I'm no workaholic; I'd give the world to be in my bed now dreaming about something pleasant in Pleasantville.

Last night, I mean the day before yesterday I was toiling my ass until 3 am to finish some year-end reports, and now I'm stuck at office unable to go back until the jacked-up printer takes its own sweet time to conclude its task. All this lack of sleep is gonna get to me soon, and considerin the fact I ain't as healthy as a horse, things will be taking a turn for the worse pretty soon.

I'm sleepy, tired and on top of that, a lil' hungry. I'm now considering the option of slumping straight into my bed when I get home, only if I don't fall asleep in the car 1st.

This is not your everyday Tony Redgrave speaking, this is a man who's PO'ed about where he's at right now; and he's got nothing to do but to bitch about it on his blog.

The time is 1.28 am, and still the printer is taking it's bloody sweet time to print the tags. "This is the longest working day of my life" **digital clock starts countdown ala 24**


God of War III : Vengeance

Finally; the long-awaited trailer of Gow III! I've been clamoring for a trailer ever since I saw the teaser back in July this year. The release date of the game has been confirmed for next year, but SCE hasn't really specified the actual date yet.

The 47-second clip shows Kratos in his full grandeur, reminding us why we love the barbaric Spartan so much. He hacks and slashes skeletons, harpies and a centaur; oh and also ripping the throat of an ogre, all depicted in beautiful HD.

I thought I'd throw in a bit of the game info as well, initially Cory Barlog (developer of Gow & GoW2) had wanted to add in a co-op mode in the final installment, but it seems that won't be happening 'cause the guy left SCE recently for unknown reasons. Gow co-op? Seems fun, but for time being we'll have to stick to solo mode with good old pale-skin.

Gow3 will wrap up the God of War series storyline, putting the successful game title to a close; (I hope for Sony's sake they don't!) which is quite depressing actually. The game's story is about a man questioning the need for a God, and why Greek Gods do not exist anymore.

Guess that's all the info I have for now, and enjoy the trailer below (couldn't stop grinning when I 1st saw it) . And before I forget, do notice the BMF-ing gauntlets that Kratos is wielding; can't wait to try those~