God of War III : Vengeance

Finally; the long-awaited trailer of Gow III! I've been clamoring for a trailer ever since I saw the teaser back in July this year. The release date of the game has been confirmed for next year, but SCE hasn't really specified the actual date yet.

The 47-second clip shows Kratos in his full grandeur, reminding us why we love the barbaric Spartan so much. He hacks and slashes skeletons, harpies and a centaur; oh and also ripping the throat of an ogre, all depicted in beautiful HD.

I thought I'd throw in a bit of the game info as well, initially Cory Barlog (developer of Gow & GoW2) had wanted to add in a co-op mode in the final installment, but it seems that won't be happening 'cause the guy left SCE recently for unknown reasons. Gow co-op? Seems fun, but for time being we'll have to stick to solo mode with good old pale-skin.

Gow3 will wrap up the God of War series storyline, putting the successful game title to a close; (I hope for Sony's sake they don't!) which is quite depressing actually. The game's story is about a man questioning the need for a God, and why Greek Gods do not exist anymore.

Guess that's all the info I have for now, and enjoy the trailer below (couldn't stop grinning when I 1st saw it) . And before I forget, do notice the BMF-ing gauntlets that Kratos is wielding; can't wait to try those~


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