Robots in disguise

Anybody who was born in the 80s must know about the Transformers. Well, those who've never seen the cartoon must at least have heard of it.
But if you have NEVER SEEN/HEARD of it until recently; welcome to Earth, martian.

Transformers is about an alien cybernetic race continuing to wage a war on our planet after they've destroyed their own world, Cybertron. They're divided into 2, the good Autobots which is led by Optimus Prime & Megatron who leads the evil Decepticons.

Why the term 'Transformers'? Cause they hide in the form of cars, bulldozers, machine etc to hide their identity and transform into robots when needed.

What started out as a 2D representation on TV later evolved into a 3D adaptation, the Beast Wars, Beast Machines, etc. But there was never an on-screen adaptation of the title until recently by famous director Michael Bay.

It was released last week, but I only got to see it yesterday night cause the tickets here were almost sold out daily. I was excited when I got into the cinema & my hopes were high, I hoped it wouldn't disappoint me as what Superman Returns did.

And I wasn't disappointed.

Oh, the nostalgia. Looking at the Autobots and Decepticons in CG was really great. Especially Optimus Prime, & Starscream. The transformation, the fight scenes, the voice of the robots, the transforming sound.... the blonde girl; oh I loved it.

The story was alright, there was some mushy scenes, some comedy; Michael Bay really did a good job. Especially choosing a not so striking lead actor, Shia LeBouf (I hope I got his name right) was the correct decision so that the concentration was focused more on the robots.
Imagine if Brad Pitt or some hunk was chosen as the lead, when you ask any girl (who just came out from the cinema) who was the leader of the Autobots; they'd be screaming Brad Pitt.

But I was a bit disappointed how Megatron was finished of. It was so easy that it looked so lame. Ah, but everyone is allowed at least one mistake.

Now, if there was only Transformers 2.....


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why did Jazz have to dieee??? Whyyyyyyyyyy??????

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