The SFS Incident

I still remember an incident when I was back in secondary school. This happened when I was in Form 2, in which I was attending afternoon sessions.

Early that year I broke my leg and my mother forced me to come to school using crutches. Sigh... Even when her son was injured and could've had a well-deserved rest in order to speed his recovery, my mother was firm. She didn't want me skipping classes and falling behind in my studies.

So being the rebellious guy that I was, I started eating 'kuaci' a.k.a sunflower seeds during class. I don't know who started it, but soon enough every male student in my class followed suit; well, except the geeks and the wusses. We would stock 3 to 4 packets of sunflower seeds from the 'apek' outside before classes started and would then eat during class.
I still remember the type; it was the black and white striped kuaci packed in a white & blue plastic packet.

The class that we had the real guts to eat was the Geography class. The class was so sickeningly boring & always it was after recess time, making us sleepier. In order to keep ourselves attentive during class, we'd eat kuaci.
It's not like we're sleeping, just we were doing something to make ourselves more alert and pay attention in class. It was real fun.

Alas, the fun was short-lived. The hag Geography teacher went to complain to the Afternoon Principal (AP) about our behavior during class. We didn't know what was coming the next day, and continued to stock our goods that afternoon.

The showdown came during the History class. The AP came into our class and demanded those fellas who were eating kuaci in class to stand up. All of us were shocked that we were busted.

Well, I knew this was coming, but not so soon.
So all of us stood up, except for the prefects sitting at the back; who were also as guilty but instead sat quietly in their chairs. Faggots.
When confronted they said they have to 'jaga reputation' as prefects.
In their faces I told them to F'O.

Coming back to the showdown, the AP asked all of us to line up outside; so I with my crutches and all lined up with the rest. She then asked one of my friends to go buy kuaci outside, and asked us to eat in front of her. The husk of the kuaci we were to throw on the floor and then after eating we had to pick up the husks.

We had to really eat in front of her, no faking. She asked us to eat how we normally did in class. Oh, how I hated the short AP hag.So I with my broken leg tried to bend and pick up the husks on the floor, but luckily my pal Naveen helped me to pick up the husks instead. I was really grateful to him then, as I am now.

After finishing she asked us to go back into our class. Our History teacher was surprised with us and adviced us not to do so again.

Looking back, it was funny; even though embarassing. If you'd ask me to do it again, I'd do it just to make the Geography teacher burst a vein.


Kavilan said...

I remeber the time we had those Principles of Auditing classes with Mr.Karuna. Hahaha... Why didnt u bring some "kuaci" back then? aiyo...

too bad we weren't paired in Dr.Seetharam's classes. We could've given him a heart attack. As the only menace in his class, all I could no was to give him headaches.

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