Hang Fire

I realize as the semester is drawing to its close, my workload is starting to pile up. All the assignments, reports and stuff that were given few weeks or a month back are about to reach their dateline in this few days to come, some of them even have the same due dates.

What have I been doing then? Where is the time that was allocated to me gone?

And now, I sit in front of my PC working my butt off to complete all the work. I've been so busy until I've got no time to post anything, well, except some general stuff. Soul Calibur in HD is reallly sweet.

Err... as I was saying, procrastination is really your enemy. No, let me re-phrase that.
Procrastination is MY enemy. It was my friend until the week of 22nd July, until the closing dates started closing in.

Sigh, try as I might, I love to procrastinate. I guess it's a bad habit which I really can't let go. But it really fuels me to do better.
Guess I could call it a 'double-edged sword'. I can chop somebody up with one side of the blade, but the other side too can cut yours truly.

With that heavy load off my chest, I continue to work my butt to complete and submit my work before its deadlines.


Kavilan said...

tu lah....!!! never ask your senior on how to procrastinate AND complete assignments on time... issshhhh...

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