Malaysia Boleh.... kena bolos

I've watched both of Malaysia's games in the Asian football Cup, and man I've gotta say Malaysia boleh!!

Get whacked, that is.

Our national team has been trashed by China 5-1, and yesterday's match with Uzbekistan saw us getting 5-0. Seems that 5 is a lucky number in the national team, I'd say. Worse, we were playing on our home ground.

Sigh.... what has happened to the quality of Malaysia's football team? Ok, quality might be a strong word here.

Malaysia's players fail to show teamwork amongst themselves and each player just wanted to run forward with the ball towards the opponent's defenders like an idiot, even though they themselves know they can't go through the defence.

The few minutes of glory and the attention of the camera is enough for the player, 'Aku nak glamer jer!, Pi mampus la ngan team!'

Best thing was, what the commentator said after the China's game, 'Nasib baik golkeeper mampu menghalang gol yang ke-6'.
So then the previous 5 goals were ok la is it?

Great. This is the kind of spirit that we need. Whatever makes you sleep at night.

Looking at them reminds me how I played football with my friends during primary school. Standard 1, that is. Every kid just wanted to kick the ball even though the goal was the opposite side.

Lousy. I wonder how many goals will our national goalie let in against Iran this coming Wednesday?


RaDiuZ said...

aisey...... with results like this, how can the government urge us to watch Malaysian football? Jaguh kampung je these fellars....

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