A cocos nucifera story

Yesterday I went to my grandma's place for lunch. After stuffing myself Gramps asked whether I was free.
I nodded and then she said, "Good. Now go do what you promised me last week."

Huh? What did I promise her last week? It then dawned upon me that on my way into the house I saw 3 fully-loaded gunny sacks. Inside those sacks were stuffed with... coconuts. Ah yes.. I had promised her the week before I'd help her open/crack/break/hack/dissect the coconuts. Right.

In my mind I was imagining I was as pro as the coconut-water seller at the stalls. 2 or 3 hacks with the parang on the coconut would do it. Easy job, there's no need to break a sweat.

So I asked for the proper utensils to get it over with. But I was shocked when Gramps handed me a rusty & chipped chopping knife instead of a sharp parang. "What happened to the parang?", I asked her. She replied, "What parang? I never had any parang."

Ok... this might take a while, I thought.

I grabbed a gunny sack and took out a green coconut. Then I must've stared at the coconut for 5 minutes before asking my grandma, "Er... Gramps, how to open ah?"

She laughed and asked me to hold the coconut in a slanting position. Then I'd to hack the skin until I could see the tempurung. After that, make a small hole on the tempurung and pour the water out.

Oh... no problem. Got it. Simple.

So I did as instructed, it was anything but easy. After an hour, I had bruised my 5 fingers and suffered a cut on my thumb, but I managed to finish... one sack.
There were 2 sacks to go.

Gramps took pity on me and asked me to call it a day. Phew, I was relieved.

After that she said, "Continue next week". Great.


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Anonymous said...

hey, i bruised my fingers too. hahaha.

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