iCame iSaw iPhone

Apple has done it again. You really gotta hand it to Steve Jobs for doing a great 'job'. Sorry, couldn't resist that.
For those wondering who the hell is Steve Jobs, he's the CEO and one of Apple's founders.

The recent iPhone craze started round few months back, and its scheduled release was on the 29th June, meaning it was released somewhere 1 week ago. So out of the blue I'm trying to be a gadget freak, and at the same time Mr. Know-It-All & try to give a layman description on what and why there's such a commotion about Apple's latest gadget.

Now, what is the iPhone? As the name suggest, it's a phone (duh);  one of Apple's latest gadget fad after the recent iPod craze.

It belongs in the same category as the BlackBerry & MotorolaQ, which means it's actually a multimedia smartphone. The iPhone is a Music-player, Movie-player, Internet Browser and Phone in One.

In a nutshell;

  1. it's small & stylish
  2. touchscreen, no keypads, just the menu button
  3. built-in WiFI
  4. employs EDGE instead of 3G
  5. you can watch YouTube videos
  6. good battery life
  7. 2 MegaPixel camera, but unable to capture videos
  8. Price ranges from $500-$600, roughly about RM 2K
After looking at the pros & cons, would I consider buying it? Heck no. A phone for 2 grand? I can get loadz of stuff from the money.
Nope, I'm no hater but I ain't an idiot too.


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