The Hungry Man

I'm now sitting in the research lab feeling frustrated because of 2 reasons; I've got an exam this afternoon & I'm hungry.

Well, the exam doesn't bother me that much, but my hunger is killing me. Now, you'd wonder why the hell this guy is complaining? Just shut up & go grab something to chew on; and stop wasting my precious time reading this blog.

If only life was that simple. Firstly, the cafeteria food here sucks, and I've made a vow that I will never consume the food there. Secondly, I'm without transport today & my girlfriend will only come at 12.30 to fetch me for lunch.

So of course a hungry man is an angry man; especially when he has to starve while studying for his exam this afternoon in which he doesn't have a clue about.
To top it off, one of my classmates has just went out for lunch, making me even more frustrated.

Now, the hungry man is much more angrier, and because of being angrier he's also hungrier.


amutha said...

Hey yar....

Wonderful post...'A Hungry Man'

U guys must be wondering who was his classmate who went out for lunch??And also made him more frustrated???

Yeah!! Its me..Amutha.

We both actually was starving in hunger since morning....

Due to his, so called policy 'will never consume the food from the cafeteria'...We cant do anythg for it....Bad luck!!!

Anywhr, all the best for our afternoon test...

Once again...dont b frustrated yar...its part of our life...'hunger'.

Its ok...ill spent u ur favo McD la...b4 ur graduatation... :P

Take care Hungry man who was in angry...Do post more on our happenings around....Adioz!!!!

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