Signing Off

It is with great pleasure that I wish to announce that Dante is finally cured of his emo-state & officially out of WOMBAT mode. This means that he'll be back to take care of his own god damn blog instead of me. Yippee-Yay!!

Now, I can go back to short msgs instead of thinking of conjuncting a string of long words to make a paragraph. Oh, I can't wait.

What I've learned from this short period is that being a blogger ain't ez, especially with coming up with ideas on what to post everyday, or 2 days once. However I enjoyed myself during the short period, I feel I've achieved a lot, especially in changing the layout of this blog. 
Honestly Dante, ur taste sucks.

Without further ado, I, Amanda would like to bow out gracefully from being the susbtitute author of 'For Tony Redgrave, by .45 Artwarks'.

Thank you.


dante said...

Kudos to u, amanda for a job well done. always knew u could do it. thanks for taking care of this blog. really appreciate it.

i'll treat u SR ok? hahhaha, IF i come to penang.

Kavilan said...

oi... dante, out of wombat mode aledi ah? be prepared to greet me next week!

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