1st potential candidate

I received a mail last night from one of my female friends yesterday, well, sort of my girlfriend; Nat's friend.

Apparently she had read my post looking for a sidekick, & she was interested in becoming a co-author.

So, yesterday night I IM'ed her thru MSN, and this was what took place.

Me: So.... you're interested in becoming the co-author for Tony Redgrave's blog?

Amanda: Duh... if not why are we having this conversation at the 1st place?

Me: (offended) Do you have to be so cynical all the time?

Amanda: It's who I am. Can we proceed? I've another window which I'm talking to a hot guy, Brazilian.

Me: (even more offended) All right. (thinks 'How am I going to work with her?') So, why would you want to co-author at the 1st place? I know you got the hots for me, right?

Amanda: Get a life. You're not my type. And I'll make sure Nat hears about this.

Me: (scared shit) Hey, come on, I'm not hitting on you. 'Twas just a joke.

Amanda: I'll forget about this if you treat me to Baskin-Robbins.

Me: What?! Maybe you should consider being an 'along' or something, since you're so good at exthorting.

Amanda: Yeah, maybe I will. And for that sentence, it's gonna cost you 2 treats to BR31; if not I'm gonna tell Nat every single thing you've done online, you cyber-wolf.

Me: (sighs) All right. (mutters; 'You no good she-demon')

Amanda: Hey, did you say anything? Coz I sneezed just now.

Me: You're being paranoid.

Amanda: Hurry up, you're stalling. I now got 2 hotties waiting for my reply, another is French.

Me: Quit boasting. So, can you post frequently? Whenever I'm busy I'll drop you a mail, or you can post whenever you like. Is that ok with you?

Amanda: Sure, considering I'm a Net freak. And I'll consider to re-decorate your page. Your taste sucks.

Me: The decoration is fine. You're not touching the page layout.

Amanda: We'll see about that. Now what about the benefits?

Me: What benefits?!

Amanda: The benefits of co-authoring. You think I'd do this for free? I expect the revenue generated from the ads be split 50/50. And for every post I make, a treat at least to Starbucks is charged; considering you'll be moving to Penang I don't think that'll be a problem.

Me: WHAT?!

Amanda: What's wrong, Dante? Is there a problem?

Me: Err... I'll get back to you later, Amanda.

Amanda: Heyy... you're not trying to run away, are you?

Me: My connection has a problem... (quickly disconnects my TM connection)


amanda said...

you no good, lousy cheater. i'll get u for this.

& for displaying my name without asking my permission, i'm gonna send u my Secret Recipe bill.

just u wait....

Anonymous said...

wait, u called me a... WHAT?!



Kavilan said...

dude..... u got whiplashed by a couple of chicks?!
HAHAHAHAHAHA! U are soooo PWND!!!!

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