Taking Over

With Dante down with exam-fever and being emo after his recent farewell party, I've decided to step up the threshold & take over his precious blog for a while. Since he's now in WOMBAT-mode, I'll guess I'll have to manage 'for tony redgrave' until he recovers.

Confused? Don't be.

Amanda have been entrusted with Redgrave/Dante's blog &, no he's not dead, he's just being emo & a WOMBAT (Waste of brains, money & time). Wow, I nvr thought it's so hard to think of what to write. Chatting seemed so ez, but writing a post for a blog is so hard.

So, you'll forgive me for my abbreviations, as good habits tend to stick with me, & I'll try to lessen my use of Internet slangs & short-forms.

rain dyes dark rows of houses black
brightness of gay neon cannot drive off the hand of the black evil spirit which finishes dyeing the world either
if a morning will comes darkness will retreat & suitable brightness will revive in the world where people live again
there is no it with how often... it's the business in the world which does not change from that day 2000 years ago until now itself

but are there those (any) who have noticed?

breathing in the shadow which sunlight produced & those other than a man
the black shadow which dances secretly & is out of order whenever the darkness of night covers empty
the doubtful signs of wriggling to a shadow to the extent that light does not shine

...if only one person that nobody has probably noticed & this man are removed...

the name of him who is feared from an evil spirit & despairs is 'Devil Hunter' Dante


Kavilan said...

Dante, if you are reading this, lemme just say this: "Whadda fuck?! Studying for exams?!"
Hahahaha... Relax bro... Sorry coudnt be at ur farewell "party" like u did on mine. But I'll be there for a visit soon, so get out of ur EMO state and stop getting PWND by chicks..

PS: Amanda, now you know the challenge of writing posts for bloggers....

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