The Room

For those of you who thought that I was killed yesterday by Amanda, fear not. I'm still here, alive & kicking. 

However, I do feel I owe her an apology, and therefore I'm posting the soundtrack of our favorite game, Silent Hill 4.

Enjoy, Amanda.

p/s: You'll forget about the Baskin Robbins treat, won't you?


Kavilan said...

man, what up wit you! It's not the Regrave i know!!!!
like i said on ur previous post: YOU GOT PWND by a chick!!!!!

Mika said...

Hi there Tony Redgrave! I'm glad you're still alive!. :D :) coz you've just been tagged! :) I hope you're not busy.. If you are, don't worry.. there's no deadline for this project/meme. :) See ya! Happy weeekend! ;)




amanda said...

apology accepted.

but the treat to BR31 is STILL ON.

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