O shoemaker, where art thou?

I recently bought a pair of shoes from a shop in Queensbay, I think maybe a few weeks back. As the design was so appealing & it was my favorite brand, I bought it without a moment's hesitation.

And guess what? The strap broke when I was heading to work this morning. I had just parked my car and was walking to office when it happened so sudden. I had to drag my right foot to my office which was on the 17th floor, the only place which I kept a spare pair of shoes. Virtually everybody was staring at me. Ohh... the humiliation.

sigh... they just don't make shoes like the way they used to. A lifespan of only 3 weeks? Gimme a break. And worse is shoes don't have any warranty. I can't go back and return the shoes like any electronic device and demand for a new one. If only that was possible.....

How I wish that I had the shoemaker's elves that would make beautiful & LASTING shoes for me, a new pair every morning I wake up. Now wouldn't that be nice?


dante said...

how many shoe straps have you broken? The last count i heard was about 21?

& i see that you've changed the layout. not bad. keep it up. :)

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