Of Digits & Breakfast

I had breakfast with Nat this morning at a kopitiam, which was famous for its koay teow theng. The place would normally be packed; it's a hotspot for elderly people as it's supposedly a long-established business, dating back to my grandma's days.

I was half-way through my koay teow theng when I heard a disagreement going on, between two old people, a lady and a man. They were bickering about some order of digits, initially I thought they were arguing about phone numbers; but the length was only 4-digits.

Suddenly the old lady went off and returned with a Chinese newspaper in her hand and turned to a page, showing the old man that her order of digits were exactly similar to the one on the newspaper. It was then I realized that they were actually arguing about the license plate of a bus which was involved in an accident recently. Why were they so interested? Ha.. no wonder they wanted to get the order of digits right; to buy 4D.

Honestly, I felt disgusted after that, they were actually looking to gain something out of a disaster. People were injured, or lives were lost in the accident, and here 2 people were bickering their tongues out just to get the order of digits right to buy 4D numbers.

Look at how caring we Malaysians are. And we'll be celebrating our 50th Independence Day in 8 days.


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