A New Chapter

I finished my final exam in my university today; the final exam of my final semester. When it was time for the papers to be collected and I was allowed to leave, I solemnly walked out of the hall, and straight to my car.

Funny, this wasn't how I pictured it 2 weeks ago. A fortnight ago I dreamt of this moment to come, where I'll be doing some backflips after handing in my paper & shouting mad like I just won a million bucks.

This was my final day here, I won't need to see the stupid guards, or follow any stupid protocols anymore, I was finally free from the boundaries & restrictions of the university.
I won't be missing any protocols, or classes or the routine of being here; but I feel a bit heavy to leave the people here, my friends & the lecturers.

It's ironic, stating how I hated the place so much when I was here but feeling reluctant when it's time to leave.

Coming September, I'll be starting my internship away from my hometown, beginning a life on my own. I'm a little enthusiastic, & hesitant to leave Nat, my home and my friends.

September, a new chapter in my life unfolds.


amutha said...

Nicely written...

"A New Chapter"..was damn touching, dude...

Well, everything which begins, somehw n smwat must have an ending....As do our varsity life.

Remember...Every sad ending, there will be happy beggining waiting...

So, u gonna work n earn....A happy beginning in another part of life is waiting for u..so, explore it...

Do keep in touch n all the best for ur "New Chapter'...Take care and wish u good luck in ur internship....Do well, dude..

U can do it!!!!Malaysia Boleh, Tony Redgrave Boleh!!!

Kavilan said...

HAHAHAHAHA... welcome to my life!!!!!!

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