Punishments I received in school, Part I

I was talking to my brother the other day about school, and how he got punished for some reason, which reminded me of my own wrong-doings and the punishments I received of my own. Well, yours truly was no angel back then, and below are some of the crazy things I did, and the castigation that ensued.

Offence 1: Not doing Maths corrections
The Punishment: 30 squats @ 20 push-ups

Yeah, you might say this is a lame offence, but this happened back in Secondary One. My Maths teacher was a real 'sweet' guy, as he'd let us choose our punishment type. As my classroom's floor was f'in dirty, I chose to do the squats a.k.a ketuk-ketampi instead. He would let me count myself, which I started with 1,2,3,4,5 before jumping to 9, then 11, 15, and by the time he knew it, my squats were over in no time.
I'd always get away with it, but once he caught me and asked me to do the 30 ketuk-ketampis AND the 20 push-ups; twofold. After that I never forgot to do my corrections ever again.

Offence 2: Eating kuaci in class
The Punishment: Eating kuaci in front of the Afternoon Principal, litter on the floor and picking it up

I wrote a post about this
here, man Geography class can really bore you to death. So in order to pay atention in class, I decided to eat kuaci instead, as it was said that kuaci improved brain power and focus. Unfortunately, we got too bold and purposely let the Geography teacher catch us red-handed. And the rest, is history.

Offence 3: Fencing at the back of the class
The Punishment: Fencing in front of the class

Honestly, I don't know what the hell was on my mind back then. My friend and I were sweeping the floor at the back of the class, coz we were punished for some offence, I forgot. I was sweeping when the whole broom's bristles fell off and I was left with the stick only.
My friend thought that it'd be fun and broke his broom and challenged me to a fencing competition. We were having fun before our class teacher caught us and 'invited' us to continue our match in front of the class. Hell, we performed for a good 10 minutes before she asked us to stop.
Guess she was entertained herself.

Offence 4: Fighting in the toilet
The Punishment: Scrubbing the toilet floor with a toothbrush

Sigh.... If only I could control my temper back then. I went to the toilet for a piss after the morning break, minding my own business when one guy came in and made a racist remark.
Guess I couldn't take it and proceeded to beat the crap out of him, to the point of slammin' his head on the wall, twice. Or was it thrice? I only stopped when the prefects came, and was invited for kopi-o at the PK's office. He gave me a long, dragging monologue, before handing me a toothbrush; entrusting me to transform the toilet floor from crap-littered to a glaring sparkle. I went home that day 3 hours late, unable to stand up straight.

Offence 5: Stealing coconuts
The Punishment: Getting hit by a coconut... in the face

There were houses located nearby my school, and the residents use to plant some fruit trees; mangoes, rambutans, durians, you name it. There was this house where we used to steal its coconuts from, and proceeded to break them by throwing the fruits to the edge of the drain, in order to split them open. We would then drink the water and scrape the flesh with a spoon that we stole from the canteen.
Nothing to cool you down like a refreshing glass of coconut juice. I think God might've not liked us stealing, and ensued to hand down some 'divine punishment'. Once I threw the coconut to the drain's edge so hard, the coconut bounced back and hit me squarely in the face.
I was dazed for 5 minutes, before continuing with my attempt to break the coconut again.

Stay tuned for Part II, with wackier and wilder offences I did in school and the punishments that followed.


amanda said...

you were no angel back then, and for sure as hell you're no angel now, dante. ;)

and where's the co-author you told me about?

vincent said...

reading this post got me reminiscing about the good times, bro.

looking back, it's been more than 10 years we've been good friends, and u still haven't changed. ;)

n@t said...

when i first met him i thought he was the shy, quiet type and never did any mishap in school.

turns out otherwise.... lol.

Anonymous said...

just like my sons, angel in front & devil behind, but fun to read. looking forward to part 2.

from Mommy Choo

tony redgrave said...

@amanda: the co-author will be coming pretttyy soon, i guess. are u having regrets of not staying? rotfl.

@vincent: i try not to grow up too fast, bro. plenty of time when we're old. ;)

@n@t: well, too late for regrets now. lol.

@mommy choo: boys will be boys, as long as we're naughty but not bad, it's ok. ;)

Putera Mic | Blog Admin said...

haha 100% true what you have written.

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