My (Work)Space

I was reading ammu's latest post, there was a picture of her workspace, and man it was very neat. So I decided to make a comparison between my workpsace and hers, and I'd say if we were competing; she'd win hands tied-down.

Dante's workplace

It's not that I'm lazy to tidy-up, but it'll get messy the next day; so why bother? Besides, I'm a busy person. And it's a guy thing to leave your table messy. Crap, why am I bothering to explain?


KaV said...

why do you even try?

tony redgrave said...

@kav: point noted, bro. this is the 1st and last effort. lol.

mommyscchoo@yahoo.com said...

is your job performance depends on the thickness of documents on yur desk ? or this is the way to tell boss that you are actually working

tony redgrave said...

@mommyscchoo: actually, it's a little bit of both. ;)

tulipspeaks said...

goodness!! i can never work on a table like tht man! :O :O

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tony redgrave said...

hmm... ammu, lets just say that my table's got that 'masculine' touch. lol.

subrayoga said...

Dear Tony,

I am so happy to see your table.

Only genius can recognize another genius. I do see you as a genius, therefore you should know how my table looks.

There was once I gathered all my strength and cleaned up my table, guess what happened? My sub-ordinate popped up and asked, "Boss you resign ah?"

At that moment I made a decision not to clean my table anymore.


tony redgrave said...

@subra : finally..... a genius that appreciates another genius.

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