Happy Birthday, Tony Redgrave!

Wooooo-hooooo! My blog turns one today, and looking back, I must say I've come pretty far from where I started.

Image courtesy of Amanda

It all started when my best bud Kav told me that he started a blog, and after a few visits to his blog I was tempted as well to launch my own blog. He was the one who actually jump-started 'the blogger in me', peace out, bro.

The meaning behind the name

The part where picking the blog's name was the hardest, as I was one of those who rarely wanted to use my actual name online, call me paranoid if you will; I don't give a crap.
It took me quite a while to pick it,and there's a reason why I named it in such a way, and if you look carefully at the picture above you'll understand what I mean.

I've learned quite a lot about the blogging world since I started calling myself a 'blogger', 'beruk' if you will in the eyes of our dear Khairy Jamaluddin. Things aren't what they seem, and sometimes our own media are deceiving us right under our very noses, as some of the facts are covered up for God knows why. Through blogging I feel that an individual has the right, the freedom to speak up something that cannot be said in person, and I gotta say it feels great.

Well, the blog content here conceives of wacky satyrs, but mostly it consists of my contemplations and flashbacks of my good ol' school life, as well as my everyday happenings, be they good or bad. There were a few collaborations I did with dear ole' Kav, and I'm actually looking to collaborate with more people in the future. I tend to dislike politics, unlike Kav, so I tend not to write so much about politics here.

I've made new friends along the way, Amutha, Wendy, Kesh, just to name a few, and it's been a pleasure meeting you guys. Not forgetting to mention my previous co-author, my heartfelt thanks goes to you, Amanda; for taking care of my blog temporarily when I was in WOMBAT mode.

It's been a colorful blogging year, and my birthday wish this year that it will be the same for many years to come.


amanda said...

happy birthday, dante. and u still owe me my payment for being co-author. ;)

mommyscchoo.blogspot.com said...

happy annivesary..!!!

Wendy said...

happy birthday!!! =P

tulipspeaks said...

happy birthday!!
certainly a pleasure meeting u here!


tony redgrave said...

@amanda: still the same ol' you, huh? lol.

@mommychoo, wendy : thank you, thank you.

@ammu : thanks, ammu. it's a pleasure as well. ;)

Anonymous said...

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