5 Resolutions for 2008

As this a brand new year's post, I've decided that I'd write down my resolutions for 2008, and hopefully, at least I get to achieve one out the 5 which I've listed out.

Resolution No. 1 - Restore the abs.

Yes, there's no need to get shocked or anything, Tony Redgrave does work out & he has abdominal muscles. Err, well 'had' should be the appropriate word, though. Ever since I started working, it seems that I abandoned my training regime and decided that I'd lay down rather than work out when I have spare time at home.
Don't get me wrong, my belly hasn't preceded me when I go through a door, but I figure that I better start before it really does happen.

Resolution No. 2 - Savings

As much as I'm embarassed to say this, but I've to admit it; saving money just ain't my thing. Thus, I've decided that this is the year to change my spend-thrift ways, & start saving a little money for a rainy day. Which means I've to cut down on McD, Starbucks, clothes, v'games, Initial D arcade racing, model kits, etc. Oh boy, this is NOT going to be easy.

Resolution No. 3 - Write more

Sigh, my blog is already 6 months old, but the number of posts have not reached 50 posts yet, left alone a 3-digit figure. Another goal to achieve, write more posts, and if possible find a co-author/sidekick, female preferably. And I do plan to do some collaboration with a few friends; great great people who've kept on supporting my blog with your visits, even though I haven't posted a single thing for so long (Thank you all so much!).

Resolution no. 4 - Be more Punctual

Try as I might, I'll never get the Mr. Punctuality award, as I always turn up late for classes or arrive only on time for work, or worse; appointments. It seems that the lure of my bed and pillow is too strong to resist, especially on a Monday morning, and my poor time management may cost me more if I don't change.

Resolution No. 5 - Get a PS3

Hmmm... This conflicts with my 2nd resolution, but as a true gamer I got to own Sony's latest gaming console; (eyes glittering madly) I just can't wait to play Devil May Cry 4, and if coupled with a 49' Bravia LCD TV my world will be complete, I wouldn't mind if I can't accomplish the first 4 resolutions. (stares dreamily at the ceiling) Now, if only a bag of money would drop from the sky.....


tulipspeaks said...

Tony Redgrave does work out & he has abdominal muscles.

now that sounds.. hmm.. tempting! :p

bad ammu. hehehehehe


KaV said...

tipuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.... mana ada ABS?!!!! Tak pernah tengok pun!!

hahaha... now, do u seriously expect money to fall from the sky? All of us wish so much for that, right? SIGHHHHH!!!!

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