We're Brothers Forever

Yesterday night I happened to chance upon American Idol 7; I was bored and there wasn't any interesting TV shows, I was switching channels and saw that they (Randy, Paula & dear Simon) were having an audition in Dallas, Texas.

I wasn't in the mood for bed (which I regretted this morning) and decided what the heck, I'll just watch it till it finishes; besides I could use a few good laughs.
The one thing that I like about American Idol is during the auditions, when they're looking for raw talent. I don't care crap about those that who get to Hollywood, I'm looking at those brave few who do not have talent but have the guts to pursue their dreams...

Whatever. The audition was amusing, the were less gems and more stones, which was really entertaining. There was this fat guy who thinks he's Christina Aguillera, a 19-year old guy who's never kissed a girl, operatic twins, and many more. But there was this guy who completely stole the show, and won the hearts of the judges. His name was Renaldo Lapuz, a Filipinian singer who simply idolizes Simon. Yes, you heard me right, he IDOLIZES him, he's got Simon's name on his hat.

His attire was attention-demanding, and the best part was his singing. He composed a song entitled, "We're Brothers Forever", a monologous tune describing about all men are brothers. His voice wasn't as bad as he looked, (I thought he sounded a bit Pavarotti-ish) even though I first thought he was Japanese. His performance was so entertaining that the judges enjoyed themselves, with Randy even roping in Ryan Seacrest to sing along (damn the lyrics were so easy that I was also singing along) and Paula dancing to the beat.

But, the best part was he was given the honor to sing his song so many times; with his audition ending with Simon giving him a hug, which brought tears to his eyes.

Well, video speaks louder than text, so just sit back and enjoy the clip.



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