Hatin' Your Job

We tend to hate our jobs, only to find ourselves reluctant to leave or quit when the time comes.

No matter how we criticize it; like how bad the cafeteria food sucks, (sigh, I'm actually eating jail food daily), how we f'in hate the boss, the evil scehemes that we plan to get back to the suck-up colleague, the meager pay (the ultimate complaint!), we find ourselves actually disinclined to find another job as we've grown comfortable with the environment.

And if we do find ourselves another job, we'll find something to hate about that particular job, too.

Well, I guess it's part of life where we complain about every single thing, how much workload we have, why the boss is picking on you, why the chicks/hunks aren't paying you any attention, only to realize deep down somewhere that we're lucky to have landed the damn job.

Nevertheless, not all people are in love with their profession, but at least we get the money to put food on the table. Ok, let me re-phrase that, at least we get our own 4-digit allowance that permits us to buy things without pestering mom & dad; also in the mean time learning the importance of savings.
Now, this isn't a ThanksGiving post, but you've got to agree with me on this, at least to a certain point. I'm not saying that I've a career on Cloud 9 that offers a six-digit pay, but at least it's adequate for starters.

I, like most people, hate my job too. I hate the environment, I hate my workload, I hate the M.D. (who tells the stalest jokes ever, by the way), I hate the food, I hate the old lady at the HR department, but I gotta say I'm thankful to have got the job.
Well, at least till I get a better occupation which offers a higher pay, my own shaded parking lot, less workload, Charlize Theron-like colleagues, 30 days of annual leave that can be carried forward, and SUPERIOR cafeteria food (if they do have a cafeteria).

But, probably then I might tend to hate the cleaner; just for the reason that she likes to stare at me if I don't get up when she's to sweep my cubicle.


KaV said...


nothing more to tell...

tony redgrave said...

kav : do u realize that u SIGH a lot these days?

titoki said...

I hate my office cleaner too. She grumps a lot on the mess we kindly bestowed upon her. But what she doesn't realise is that, if we don't give her any work to do, i.e, don't make any mess in our cubicles and pantry, she would probably be jobless by now. ;)

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