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Today's post is about the people at my workplace, and the characteristics they share with Tarot deck's Major Arcana. I figured that it's already 3 weeks in since I started my internship, and it's about time I wrote something about my workplace.

1. The Magician

It can mean a manipulator is floating around, usually if it's reversed. He may be a beneficent guide, but he does not necessarily have our best interests in mind. He can also represent the intoxication of power, good and bad.

The fat guy in the office, very hyperactive and is never void of jokes. An ‘ok-guy’ that’s offered to teach me a few things, and at the same time tries to manipulate me while chewing a donut.

2. The High Priestess

On a more mundane level, the High Priestess is a figure who has passed through most of life. She started as a novice when a child. Now She has grown and governs the convent which is Spiritual Reality. She knows God. She knows what we go through because She has been through it Herself.

My supervisor, the IT Manager. Started very young and has worked her way up to the top, sadly by doing so she looks much, much older than her actual age. Always full of smiles and so far I’ve managed to get away with surfing than actually doing my work; even though she’s just sitting BEHIND me.

3. The Emperor

The Emperor symbolizes the desire to rule over one's surroundings, and its appearance in a reading often suggests that the subject needs to accept that some things may not be controllable, and others may not benefit from being controlled.

The Managing Director of the company. Constantly full of motivational quips, speeches and lines to get you pumped up at work. Sadly his jokes never makes me laugh, I’m forced to express amusement because he’s the M.D.

4. The Lovers

In some traditions, The Lovers represents relationships and choices. Its appearance in a spread indicates some decision about an existing relationship, a temptation of the heart, or a choice of potential partners.

Haha… My senior and his girlfriend from another department. Tries to hide the fact that they’re actually a couple by acting cool towards her; but even a blind man can see that they’re going out. Sigh.

5. The Chariot

The battle is usually an external one, with a clear goal and plan of action. Qualities needed to win the battle are; self-reliance, righteousness, conviction and plain hard work.
The steeds represent powerful forces, internal or external, that can be controlled to achieve the goal.

My female colleague in the office. Can never stop programming, and has a high drive for success, similar to somebody I know back in my university. However she does enjoy chatting and Friendster, the only normal thing that’s normal about her.

6.The Fool

The Fool is the spirit in search of experience. Many symbols of the Instituted Mysteries are summarized in this card, which reverses, under high warrants, all the confusions that have preceded it.

The guy who operates a grocery shop in the company. A pleasant guy, but forlornly he’s a bit gender-confused. Very in touch with his feminine side; the other day he was telling me that he seriously wanted to join ballet class. No joke.

7. The Devil

It indicates an obsession or addiction to fulfilling our own earthly base desires. Should the Devil represent a person, it will most likely be one of money and power, one who is persuasive, aggressive, and controlling.

The old lady at the HR Department. Every time I fixed a bug in the system, she’s never short to point out another problem that needs to be rectified, even though a small one. Extremely demanding and very shrewd, in addition of having a big mouth. My guess is she’s not even married yet.

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Why Y said...

Hi T,
1.The Magician..I think i know this guy...He's the guy with spectacles right??Hahaha
Guess that his PC full of small MAGIC Ants...Hehehe

2.The High Priestess
A cool women that i like her smile the most...Eventhough never talk much to her but quiet a funny person sometimes...

3.The Emperor
Aiyoo ,he really reads alot la...
Every time,send out quotes and lots of motivational stories...
Maybe next time we can post some for the blogger to read....

4.The Lovers
Hahaha...True true about them...
But i found out the secret of of office,,in Friendster...Hahaha...

5.The Chariot..
I bump into her every morning when parking my car....True about chatting and Friendster..Catch her before on her daily routine...jeng jeng jeng

6.The Fool
Ballet Class??Mmm..Wahhh think twice..

7.The Devil
I warn you before liao ma....
No need guess i can tell you..kakaka...

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