The 5 Dream Jobs

Remember when we were school children? Primary One? Primary Two? The teachers would ask us to fill a certain form about what we wanted to be in the future. Most of the kids would fill 'Doctor', as the 1st choice, among some other high-paying jobs, engineer, inspector, pilot and such.

We know that what we wrote last time and our current job now are two different things altogether. However, there are some who're lucky enough to accomplish their dream job, but fear not.
Here are some tips to help secure the 5 dream jobs of most people.

i. Doctor
Ahh yes.. The number one dream job of a lifetime.

What'll help:
1.You love to study. You can't live if you don't have a book in your hands.
2.The ability to withstand sleepless nights and feel fresh after a cup of kopi o'.
3.No fear of blood, smelly feet, or headless, naked bodies.

ii. Engineer
Hohohoho... Engineer?

What'll help:
1.Excel in mathematics. Well, not my cup of tea. I hate maths.
2.Loves programming, i.e. Dr. Sitharam (names have been changed to avoid confusion)
3.At least IT literate.

iii. Pilot
Don't even dare to attempt this if you're scared of heights.

What'll help:
1.Excellent sense of direction. (duh! If you can get lost in your own housing area then forget about this career)
2.Ability to play video games. Serious.
3.Good-looks would really help.

iv. Police Inspector
Go, Gadget, go!

What'll help:
1.Having a physique like Arnold Schwarzenegger.
2.Love reading Sherlock Holmes.
3.Ability to speak fluently in front of the camera instead of going uh, uh, uh...

I'm looking for.... the apprentice.

What'll help:
1.Winning Donald Trump's 'The Apprentice' or at least, Martha Stewart's.
2.The ability to lie, cheat and steal without any pangs of conscience.
3.Memorised every word in Robert T.Kiyosaki's 'Why We Want You To Be Rich'.


Hallaj said...

I'm an Engineer now and I think I can add a few here.

1) I (still) hate maths.
2) Programming? Okay, maybe I love to write. (Nothing better to do really)
3) IT literate? I'm an IT major :P

Conclusion? Well, requirements are needed to get there but does not necessarily guarantee success. Okay, that's a lot of bulls*it.

Real moralty? It's good to day dream even when you're on top of a tree. Just remember to tie yourself to the tree before dreaming. At least, you wont fall down :P

tony redgrave said...

spot on, hallaj.

maybe we should start a club or something, as we both hate maths. :)

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