Manda Bala

It's been a while since I've been myself. Normally I'll have spare time to do loads of stuff, but now I can't even find time to blog. Why so? Because of I'm an official participant in the rat race.

And given that I 'lost' my Internet connection at home means that I can't blog whenever I want to, I just can do it during office hours.

Even that's risky, cause I'm being unethical in terms of computer usage.
Yeah Right.

So, as I was being unethical browsing some trailers, I stumbled across 'Send a Bullet', a documentary which a LITTLE BIT reflects our country. RM 5700 for a jack worth only 50 bucks? And they say it covers installation fees. RM 5650 for installing. Wow.

Just watch the trailer and you'll get what I mean. In a word, brilliant.

The only difference is there they let the guns do the talking, but here ..... 

I rest my case. 



Kav said...

lost ur net connection? tu lahh... hang tak bayar berapa bulan dah?

tony redgrave said...

@kav: i just wanted to experience a life without Internet at home.

keeyit said...

Do "some" personal stuffs using company computer for just a few minutes shouldn't be a problem. As nowadays, alot of company that allow staffs to access internet. BUT just don't go to those UNWANTED sites...

A life without internet at home is BORING.

The Malaysian Life said...

These days, life without the internet is like not having a car in KL.

tony redgrave said...

oohhhh.... the humiliation!!

i don't wanna live anymore after hearing these comments!!

wahhhh.... (jumps off building)

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