Whatever you do will be insignificant....

I hate posting these kinda things. To me, writing about the tragedy of others is uncouth; and certainly this AIN'T about increasing my site statistics. Nevertheless, I need to say what's on my mind.

The recent news of the killing of an 8 year old girl recently shook the nation. There was an extensive coverage on the murder, with several keywords constantly getting highlighted; such as sports bag, sexually assaulted, cucumber, brinjal and such.

The one who committed this heinous act on a little 8 year old was inhuman, but the media and the public is just as ruthless as well.

There's no doubt that there'd be a repetitive statement on every news update of the murder, 'Her body was found stuffed in a sports bag', 'she was sexually assaulted'.

Come on, all the nation knows of what happened. Must the media constantly re-iterate what happened to her on every update? It disgusts me everytime I come across these statements.

And then there's the public. While most are saddened and mourning for the little one, there happens to be a few assholes who are selling her post-mortem pictures.

What the F88K are they thinking? Is this supposed to be some kinda joke or something? Is it a jovial matter that these sensitive pictures should be distributed? She was tortured and humiliated before her death, and now she and her family must suffer even after her untimely death?!

I'm really disappointed with the nation. Yesterday saw the 1st Malaysian going to space, a huge leap in terms of technology and development, but sadly we have degenerated in terms of ethics and morality.

Wild animals never kill for sport. Man is the only one to whom the torture and death of his fellow creatures is amusing in itself.

James A. Froude (1818 - 1894)



Gallivanter said...

Agreed. Pitfalls of the butterfly effect of a developing nation...

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