Resident Evil: Extinction

What do you get when you cross Resident Evil and Star Wars? Crap.

The recent release of the movie Resident Evil: Extinction saw me going to watch it last Saturday night. I wasn't anticipating this movie, but as a gamer who loved its game series, I decided to give this movie another try even though its previous sequel was disappointing, save Jill. Sienna Guillory is hot.

Where was I? Oh yeah.. Extinction takes place 5 years after the Raccoon City outbreak, and from there on the virus continued to spread across Earth, turning Earth into a barren wasteland surrounded by mindless zombies. Only a few survivors are left, with our heroine Alice going nomad and travelling via motorcycle. The film introduces a new heroine, Claire Redfield, who leads a convoy to lead the survivors to Europe in order to reunite with her brother Chris. Claire indeed is some eye-candy, as she's played by Ali Larter.


Ali Larter as Claire Redfield

Wesker was introduced in this new movie, and the 1st time I saw him I thought they got Eminem to play the role. The actor who played him was a bit fat though, compared to the game's version. It was until when I heard his voice did I realize it wasn't Eminem, as Jason O'Mara's voice was deep and Eminem has a squeaky voice.

The movie's got its gory scenes and some slick babe ass-kicking, but otherwise it was kinda dull. Apparently, Alice has undergone some Jedi training for the past 5 years as she's now been able to control the Force. She can create barriers, manipulate fire and even send a Tyrant flying. Come on... the story has was deviated from its roots. Why can't the director stick to good ol' guns and the protaganist use a RPG to blow the enemy boss to smithereens?

Also, I was wondering what the hell happened to Jill and Angela Ashford? And since when Wesker became the head of Umbrella?

The alleged head of Umbrella

Sigh... the title for the movie is befitting. Resident Evil movies should be made extinct, but from the movie's ending, we've yet to see the last of Alice. And she's bringing 'friends'. Great.


Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hallo! So the movie no so good?? Have a nice day!

tony redgrave said...

well, i can't say it's not good at all. but if ur an RE fan u'll be disappointed.

kavilan@netbuilder.com.my said...

the Umbrella head looks like the Kensei guy in Heroes

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