The French Connection

This morning I attended a talk at my university's auditorium; the speaker was a French professor from a certain university in France and was supposedly to share and promote his university to the students here.

Honestly, I was a little excited because this was the 1st time I would get to see a French man live from France speaking French, and I was looking forward to listen to the French accent.

Quoting the Merovingian, 'I've sampled every language there is in this world, and I love the French language most.'

So, today I arrived earlier than I'd normally go for class, and chose a good seat to savour the moments to come.

But then, the whole French 'affair' went totally wrong.

After 5 minutes, a cock-head sat next to me and couldn't stop yacking. He was dribbling non-stop and was addressing every Tom, Dick & Harry in the auditorium. And to top it off, his elbow keep hitting my chair or leg.
Patience, I told myself. The French professor will be here in no time.

I checked my watch, it was 10.35 a.m. It's alright to be 5 minutes late.
Time went on, 5 minutes, 10 minutes; it was already 10.50 and he didn't show up yet. I was wondering did the guy change the time on his watch when he arrived in Malaysia?

And they laugh at our Malaysian time. Right.

So I'd to occupy myself playing Asphalt Urban GT on my phone while enduring the cock-head's antics. For no reason he'd call the person 2 rows in front just to ask how they are even though he asked them thrice already. Maybe he's not evolved properly, I thought.

After 5 minutes of Asphalt Urban GT, my phone went dead because of low battery.
So, I had to look at a pretty girl sitting a few rows next to me just to kill time. Not bad, I thought. Quite pretty but surrounded by ugly guys. Pretty, but has bad taste in men.

I was starting to regret coming when suddenly the auditorium door opened & my lecturer organizing the event walked in. Where's the professor, I thought?
In followed a stout guy dressed in a smart coat; and all of us began to clap our hands welcoming him. My lecturer introduced him and he was given the floor.

The problem was, the professor himself was nervous and failed to present himself properly. Talk about being a professor. The session lasted for just 20 minutes, after the audience had waited 40 minutes for him.

Wow, the session really was an hour, just as my lecturer promised.

Honestly I was a little disappointed as I expected more from this session and thought that he could've shared more during this rare encounter.

What was the connection? Well, of course not his jokes; they didn't connect at all.
But as far as I've heard is that the French university and my university have successfully negotiated to reach a joint collaboration.

Oh well, I guess it wasn't a total loss after all.


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