Courage is....

A couple of weeks back, I was having lunch with my girlfriend at McD when suddenly something caught my eye.
Well, the 'something' was a guy; (plz don't get any wrong ideas) slinging a bag and was going from one table to another placing a small card on the table. What was this, I wondered?

Those interested would pick up the card and read it, some ignored him and the rest
dismissed him immediately. By then I had already finished my meal & my girlfriend pestered me to leave, but out of curiosity's sake I decided to wait for the guy to see what his game was.

Now, I'm sure all of you might have experienced this; especially when having lunch or dinner out youll be approached by a salesman/salesgirl trying to sell their products to you telling that it's for charity's sake.
By the time you get to refuse them, you'll be virtually drenched with them dribbling on & on when they get the chance. I know it's for charity, but sometimes the stuff they sell like pencils, cakes & stuff just aren't worth the amount that they 'want' you to donate.

When the guy came to my table, it turned out he was a volunteer worker collecting donations for the school of deaf and mute. In his bag were hand-made crafts done by the students of the school.
More interestingly, the guy himself was mute and the card that he placed on the tables were his means of communicating with people.
Instantly I felt a sense of awe towards this guy, I mean the average salesperson would be turned away even though they could talk, but here a guy who can't talk is selling items even though he knows he's got a handicap!And because of this, I bought a hand-made keychain from him, shown below.

When I got home my brother chided me for buying the key-chain saying it wasn't worth the price, but I coolly told him that the guy's courage was what made me buy it.

p/s: well, the Bangladeshi men workers here hold hands in public; nah... that's not courage.


amutha said...


Your blog on "Courage is...."..Damn touching yar...

Your great man..Its you..Very sentimental.

Good..Keep it up!! But sometimes you should'nt practice this...There are some people who lies..

Anonymous said...

that little keychain of yours scared me when i 1st saw it hanging beside the study table. heh...0_o

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