I met someone unexpected today, at 7-Eleven. Come to think of it, it's been eight years since we last met, the last venue being the same place as well. It so happened that I just finished some overtime (there's a shitload of work everyday of the week), and was heading home before I decided to grab some bread for tomorrow's breakfast.

I stopped at the mart on my way home, walked in and proceeded to grab the bread before paying at the counter. I was browsing through my wallet for some spare change that I didn't realize that there was somebody in front of me and bumped headlong into the figure. I was about to apologize when I realized that it was her. I recognized her instantly, as she did me.

I still remember the day when we first met, at 7-11; we were both tuition mates back then, Chemistry tuition mates to be exact. The meeting was actually by chance, I was paying for my large Slurpee whereas she just walked in, we looked at each other before she conferred me a smile. It was one of those smiles that'll make your heart melt, well at least mine, anyway.

During my 2ndary school days I was rather stiff with girls, the moment she smiled I was a bit taken aback, before my brains shouted 'Smile back, nitwit!'. It was the beginning of a beautiful relationship. From there on we made it a point to greet each other with a smile, her smile everytime thawing me out. I cycled to tuition back then, and when classes were over she'd make it a point to look back as her car passed me by, and I'd return her gaze until she was out of sight.

However, I was too gutless to ask her out, let alone asking her name. My buddy, Yan urged me to go ahead, but sadly I was too chicken to do so. Eventually, SPM examinations came, the classes came to an end and I've never seen her since.

I've almost forgotten about it, having only those memories rekindled tonight. We met each other at the same place the path of our lives crossed, only to learn that both of us were already seeing someone. She told me she felt happy seeing me, as it was unexpected and pleasant as well, I remember her saying these words before we parted, '
It's destiny we saw each other tonight. I felt glad seeing you again,' before presenting me with her same sweet smile I knew so well, as a parting gift.

We understood each other, it was already too late for anything. Guess that a small part of me (ok, I admit it was rather a big part of me) wanted more than the current situation, but nah... life is already complicated enough. There are those relationships that are one of a kind, unique special ones, and this was one of them. No strings, no boundaries. Abstract relationships, I think that's what they are called. Undefined yet evocative.

This time, although I had the courage, I didn't ask for her name, I just wanted to remember her by her smile. Who knows, things might've turned out different if I had the guts to ask her out then, I wouldn't have known Nat, and she would never have known her bloke. Damn, again I'm harbouring hopes. Ah well, no point talking about what-ifs and what-nots.

As I saw her walk out through that door, towards the car that was waiting for her, I replied; 'As do I.... As do I.'


KaV said...

bro... i feel for ya...

old memories never die... small things like these keep my faith in life.......

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