Heroes Season 3 : Spoilers!

I've already watched the 1st and 2nd episode of Heroes season 3; I'm really excited and can't wait for the next epsiode. I must say that (Tim) Kring and (Allan) Arkush have redeemed themselves for the not-so-good second season.

Spoiler alert! Spoiler alert! If you haven't watched it yet (or your name is Tony Redgrave, lol), please do not continue below.

Episode 1 : The Second Coming
  • Future Claire and Future Peter face-off, Claire seems to have become 'different'
  • It was Future Peter who shot Nathan at the final of Season 2 (somehow I had an inkling it would be someone from the future)
  • Nathan miraculously re-animates from the dead, and believes he's an angel
  • Linderman returns
  • Sylar returns (hoo-ray!) with only telekinesis however (all his previous acquired powers are gone), & he's on a mission to get more powers
  • Sylar acquires Claire's ability, but Claire doesn't die
  • Present Peter is trapped inside the body of a guy named Jesse Murphy, Future Peter is currently disguised as Present Peter
  • Mohinder develops a power-in-a-syringe vaccine that is able to give powers to a normal human being
  • Mohinder develops a power, super-strength, agility
  • Matt Parkman is transported to a desolate area (Australia/Africa?) by Future Peter
  • Niki Sanders is Tracy Strauss? Another personality?
  • Hiro meets his match, a speedster by the name of Daphne Millbrook
  • Future Hiro in Season 3 looks much cooler than Season 1, Future Ando shoots him with red lightning from his hands, killing him
  • The world is threatened by a 'formula' that the Company once developed half of the formula has been stolen by Daphne
  • Angela Petrelli finally reveals her powers, dream-pecognition
  • Angela knows Present Peter is actually Future Peter

7 of the 12 villains

Episode 2 : The Butterfly Effect
  • Bob Bishop is killed by Sylar, Sylar acquires his abilities
  • Elle and Sylar face-off at Level 5 of the Company, their duel causes the villains to escape
  • Elle survives Sylar's attack, but is disposed from the Company by Angela
  • Villains who escaped; Jesse (Present Peter), Knox, Flint, The German
  • Jesse's power = sound manipulation
  • Knox's power = incredible strength obtained from a person's fear towards him
  • Flint = pyrokinesis (blue fire, probably related to Meredith Gordon)
  • The German = magnetism
  • HRG who was detained also escapes
  • Matt Parkman is stranded in Africa, and meets a native that can paint the future
  • Claire's biological mother, Meredith, has been asked to look after the Bennett family by HRG
  • HRG embarks on a mission to hunt the escapees
  • Hiro begins to distrust Ando after he sees the future
  • Hiro and Ando head to Daphne's house in France embarking on a mission to save the world
  • Mohinder becomes ala Spider-Man; climbs walls, heightened senses, super-strength
  • Mohinder and Maya sleep together
  • Mohinder's power-in-a-syringe shows side effects
  • Nathan is the only person to be able to see Linderman
  • Tracy (Niki) has the power of cryokinesis
  • Angela is in charge of The Company now
  • The biggest spoiler of them all; Sylar is Angela's son!

That's all I have for now. Stay tuned for the next epsiode's spoilers; Episode 3 is called 'One of Us, One of Them'. ^_&


Wanie Idayu said...

Wooooahhhh there's already a Season 3?? I thot they stopped @Season 2 Part 1 due to the writers are on strike... They're off the strike already?? Sweeeeeetttt!!! :D

tony redgrave said...

NOOOOOO!!!!! I haven't watched it yet, and ur already posting the spoilers!

My torrent download is only half-way, screw TMNet!!

Kavi said...

perhaps u shud tell your readers how Sylar actually acquires his powers... that brain-eating misconception was a bit too far-fetched.. haha..

we still havent seen Micah and Monica yet... big questions lingering....

and congrats on being very thorough!

@wanie - the strike was off many many months ago ...

shiori said...

@ wanie : yup, as per kavi said, the strike ended quite some time ago; and u HAVE to watch S3.

@ tony : oh u poor thing... i'm sorry that ur connection is slow...

@ kavi : thanks for the compliment.

Wanie Idayu said...

Hi shiori! where do u suggest i watch it? coz i dunno where...

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