And so it begins...

I received news yesterday saying that the Sri Maha Mariamman Temple in Shah Alam was demolished. The Chief Priest of the temple was attacked ruthlessly and even though the officials pleaded to the authorities for minimal time in order for them to re-locate the deities, their pleas fell on deaf ears.
The order was the temple was to be demolished immediately, and for some dumb reason they can't find it in their hearts to respect another religion's request and grant them a day or two?

Is it too much to ask of a governemnt official whose country boasts of mutual respect? Is this really Malaysia? What's with the slogan
I'm Malaysia all about? Isn't Malaysia for all? Where each race is bestowed equal treatment and their culture and beliefs respected?

Or is it just about the locals trying to show the world that we're a country which its multi-racial citizens pretend to live in harmony but our unity ties are rotten to the core?

The incident yesterday marks the commencement of project MM2M, which is the abbreviation for
Malaysia's Minutes to Midnight.

As some of you know, Minutes to Midnight or Doomsday Clock is a symbolic clockface maintained since 1947 by the Board of Directors of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists at the University of Chicago. It uses the analogy of the human race being at a time that is "minutes to midnight" where midnight represents "catastrophic destruction" To read more about it, please click here.

Malaysia's Midnutes to Midnight however, is the countdown to our country's demise. The senseless killings, the injustice, the lies, the corruption will be uncovered and listed to as how near our country's clock is to strike 12. This project is a collaboration bewteen me and my buddy Kav, herein which is actually his brainchild.

MM2M's core function will be to educate the public regarding our country's hideous, veiled affairs which are not highlighted in major newspapers and hopefully will wake many Malaysian's from their dream that Malaysia is still 'happy-land'. 

Those of you who are interested in joining this project, please comment on this post and be sure to include ur email in the form, and we would gladly contact you with details. We hope this wouldn’t be just another fruitless reach for the stars. Well, at least it won't cost almost a billion. Let’s unite.


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